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i keep spontaneously cracking up at this vague school memory from ~7 years ago where a kid dropped his sandwich on the floor of the changing room and he tried to wash it under the tap but it just fell apart

you could prob get some kind of lead or other metal case for film but a) takes up weight and b) would probably raise questions at security

i had my film in my carry-on rather than checked luggage so i’m not too worried. i read a kodak paper directed towards cinematographers using motion film that recommended not using a lead pouch as the operators of modern security scanners will simply amp up the machine until they can see through it, so i just put the film through on its own tray. it was a Rapiscan machine in both Leeds and Prague. i guess i’ll post about the results after it’s developed since there’s a great deal of misinformation about these machines on the web

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funkmeisterfish dunkboys

only white people in Singham and they’re bailing people out of jail go fucking figure